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We have a passion for motocross, design and speed.

Our goal is to make the world of motocross a little more beautiful.

Create stunning decals with our cutting edge templates.
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Over the last 15 years we’ve been creating the best motorcross templates for professionals & designers.

With our experience we’ve created a perfect fit.

After creating templates and designs over the last 15 years for motorsport we decided it was time for a change. From 2019 Vectoline will bring their high quality templates on the market. 

a perfect fit saves time.

Knowledge and experience are key elements to be a able to create templates with a perfect fit. In the whole process of digitisation of a pshycical object as a motorcycle or helmet  we take into account the extensibility of the high quality and durable foils we use. Sharp edges are not a problem with our templates. All templates are tested by us by printing them and stick the designs on every motorcycle, helmet or MX stand.

use them instantly.


Because of the perfect fit the application of the decals is much more convenient.

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